Dex Workshop 2018 // INDA // Chulalongkorn University // Bangkok, Thailand

Within the post-human era we find ourselves questioning what role, if any, does the human play beyond the spectator. Technology has indeed reached a new degree and the human can no longer be considered autonomous from the realm of the machine; we have effectively been hacked. However, while we are fundamentally bound to evolve with the augmented experiences that have seamlessly integrated themselves into our daily lives, we must also actively seek how to navigate them rather than be determined by them.  

How can we use design and technology to create an architecture that isn’t the anesthetic of human experience, but instead fundamentally derived and continuously evolving as product of it?

The aim of reHACKING theHUMANsphere is to create a hybridized sensorial environment materialized in the form of a built space and colored light that explores the relationship between the human body and the production and manipulation of a space in real-time. By using computational tools as and human bio-metrics as the input, it is speculated we can obtain an atmosphere where humans, machines and architecture are intertwined, where each one is feeding back into the other.  >> 
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