Pareid has been involved in teaching since 2016 across a diverse range of formats and content between architectural design programs and workshops.

Currently they are leading Research Cluster 01 at the Bartlett B-Pro program, locating architecture within the broader context and speculating on scales of intervention from organisms, humans, non-humans, to larger scopes of ecologies, cultural aesthetics and socio-political interests at play.

At INDA, the International Program in Design and Architecture at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, they worked as Second Year Co-as well as teaching second, third and fourth year students across a range of studio topics that operated through interconnected topics such as ecology, technology, perception as well as different mediums and experimental narratives and representational techniques.

At the University of Tokyo they tutored first year masters students with a focus on a hybrid form of digital fabrication, weaving human and computational tooling and skills in creating and speculating on architectural output and new forms of engagement.

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