Air is the common platform for all human beings and has the capacity to create boundaries, yet unless under extreme conditions often remains invisible. Varying in qualities such as temperature, humidity and pollution, the status of air is generally highly local to a particular context. The research explores how rendering air visible through an architectural intervention made of networked sentient prototypes can be used in the creation of a responsive outdoor public space. Architecture becomes the center negotiation piece between humans and machines within the complex urban ecology.

Research and Project Concept and Development: Deborah Lopez and Hadin Charbel. Computational Support: Rafael Goncalves, Anders Rod and Shuta Takagi . Fabrication Support: Jiang Lai, Tyler McBeth, Mika Kaibara Portugaise, Nathalia Rotelli, Veronika Smetanina, Rūta Stankevičiūtė. Institutional Support: T—ADS, Obuchi Laboratory, The University of Tokyo, Yusuke Obuchi. Video Production: Deborah Lopez, Hadin Charbel. Image Credits: Deborah Lopez, Hadin Charbel

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