Tool Operated Choreographed Architecture (TOCA)

Humans are embedded with physical parameters that are distinct from one another based on their physiology and natural tendencies. Movements such as an arm swing are easily repeatable within a degree of accuracy and are materialized using a composite mesh and sprayfoam. Each individual’s movements are scanned and computationally paired in patterns that form structurally stable lattice towers. Because no two movements are identical, each layer of each tower is scanned and updated in order to generate the next sequence of human patterning. The result is an evolving choreogrpahy captured in the final form.

Research conducted at the Univ. of Tokyo - Obuchi Laboratory.
Project Team: Deborah Lopez, Hadin Charbel, Gilang Arenza Judhinaputra, Jan Vranovsky, Lai Jiang, Pitchawut Virutamawongse, Ratnar Sam, Rossina Sharatarova, Samuel Aaron Eugene Lalo, Ying Xu, Yuanfang Lu, Alric Lee, Isaac Seokjoon Yoo, Ittidej Lirapirom, Jon Axel Klaus-Heidi Bossuyt, Kalin Pan, Luca Marulli, Moritz Munzenmaier, Victor Hugo Wido Martinez, Xu Li, Yihan Zhang
Structural Engineering: Jun Sato, Mika Araki.  Video Production: Deborah Lopez, Hadin Charbel, Samuel Lalo.  Image Credits:  Jan Vranovsky

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