Monumental Wastelands Magazine

Magazine introduction
“Monumental Wastelands Magazine” is an independent publication for the research and investigation of contemporary spatial practices and it’s contingencies, that will be materialized as a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) 2 volume augmented magazine with written and visual contributions from architects, designers, artists, ecologists, environmentalists, researchers, philosophers.

The magazine seeks to broadly elaborate on the theme of Monumental Wastelands, exploring the byproducts and rejects of our past and contemporary condition while teasing out new provocations and readings under unconventional lenses.

If each civilization is remembered for the artifacts (monumentalized a posteriori) that they have left behind (the Egyptians for their pyramids, the Romans for their infrastructures) then what will be the equivalent(s) of contemporary civilization?

Initially framed around overmined landscapes and toxic environments driven by globalised market-capitalism and consumerism, the ambition is to incorporate a multitude of topics and perspectives that touch on this foundational question without confining them to it. Contributions are therefore encouraged to expand upon the scope and the means by which the current state of affairs are examined addressing any combination of economical, political, social, environmental, legal, technological, anthropological issues (to only name a few).

Each volume will aim to consolidate these range of topics under a parent theme. In the spirit of remaining open to the type of content included, a list of keywords are listed below. It should be noted that they represent a fraction of initial starting points.
Keywords: Autonomy, Automation, Logistics, Borders, De-Fi, Decentralization, Real-Time, Toxicity, Ecology, Non-Human, Post-Human, Aesthetics, Resources, Labor, Migration, Law, Conservation, Preservation, Event, Food, Colonization, Artificial Intelligence, Fiction etc...

Contribution Type
The magazine will include a combination of three submission formats. Each contribution should aim to follow one of the formats listed below:
  • Short Essay - 1000-2000 words and up to 4 images
  • Long Essay - 2000-3000 words and up to 6 images
  • Visual Essay - 300 words and up to 6 images
Each submission should include a minimum of 1 3D object to be augmented. Details regarding the object file and size will be communicated at a later date.

  • Please send your 300 words PDF abstract responding to the theme 'autonomy' to by May 24th 2021.
  • Please include in your submission the following details
    • 100 words short bio.
    • Website or link to project.
    • 1 example of a published article or paper (as a pdf or a link).
  • Supporting images or illustrations are welcome to accompany the abstract but are not required. 
  • Submission Format: 1 combined PDF less than 5Mb.

Dates for first volume:
  • Open Call Announced: May 7
  • Submission Deadline: May 24
  • Communication of Results: May 28
  • If accepted, we would need a first draft by June 14th and a final draft by June 28th.
  • The first issue is scheduled for release in print format in September 2021.


Financial Support: Proyecto financiado por las Ayudas Injuve para la Creación Joven 2020/2021. Image Credits: pareid

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