Kaleidoscopic Twins

Located at the center of a yearly festival, the installation explores the creation of a spatial and visual interface between the lively public event and the radio hosts broadcasting in real-time. Two domes are conjoined allowing each to be used independently while maintaining a physical connection between them. A cut at the plain white façade introduces the two interior spaces to the public creating a heavy contrast and placing emphasis on the boundary.  The interiors are populated with faceted reflective triangular panels that provide a subtle kaleidoscope effect of the inner and exterior activities while providing an intensive cave-like shelter. In response to the temporality of the fair, the exo-frame structure is lightweight and easily assembled using an egg-crate system of interlocking wooden members which in turn support the metallic paper, allowing it to be readily mounted and dismounted. A futuristic twist on the vernacular, Galactic Twins can be read as another take on the familiar idiom ‘two are better than one’. 

Client: Onda Bierzo / Onda Cero / Europa FM
Research and Project Concept and Development: Deborah Lopez and Hadin Charbel . Fabrication Support: Manuel Reguera Lobato. Structural Advising: Francisco José Prada. Manufacturing Support: FabLabLeon, Finolledo Obras y Servicios, Felix Castro S.A.Video Production: Pareid. Image Credits: Pareid.

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