A Toxi-Cartographic Proposal for Bangkok

Human hair is a complex matrix of different records of toxicity contained within the human body as a consequence of one’s living environment.
Follicle is an event and a pavilion that invites Bangkok’s inhabitants to take part in a collective effort to map toxicity in the city through people. 
The event will invite guests to enter the space and voluntarily participate in the hair analysis protocol, which involves cutting a small unnoticeable amount of hair and anonymously filling in a form related to your lifestyle and parts of the city.
With this information and enough participants, the results can inform citizens of new information regarding pollution in the city which will be accessible online and visualized as a Toxi-Cartogrpahy. 
Participants to the event will be welcome with complimentary food and drinks, celebrating the gathering of the collective in an act of awareness and empowerment.

A project by: Pareid Architects (Deborah Lopez and Hadin Charbel) Colaborators: Konlawat Meklalit, Noppa-on Plidtookpai, Pitisuda Sukumalchantra, Phatsorn Mutanone
Support: Matter of Trust, Embajada de España en Bangkok, Bangkok Design Week 2019 and TCDC Image Credits: Pareid &  Visut Innadda

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