Follicle is a collective being with multiple personalities gathered from across Manhattan—an aggregation of deformed screen doors clad in human hair that is examined through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), revealing different levels of toxic, nutritional and additional mineral content in the human body. The results are rendered visible in the space through color coded strings suspended from the interior, which can be read by its visitors as an inverted toxi-cartographic map of the city. Tags hanging at the end of each string carry information of the mineral in question as well as a QR code that redirects users to an interactive website where they can restructure the information based on different parameters. By manifesting itself through hair grown by people and revealing its mineral content, Follicle is about expressing architecture and urban ecology as much as it is about empowering citizen(s) through information.

Research and Project Concept and Development: Deborah Lopez and Hadin Charbel. Colaborator: Mika Kaibara Portugaise.
Structural Engineering: Francisco Prada Lopez Computational Support: Anders Rod. Image Credits: pareid

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