The project examines how the human’s inherent ability to draw in space can be used to connect stick elements in a hanging structure. The highly redudant and intricate structure leverages the human’s ability to navigate between tight and heterogeneous spaces where each person can easily adapt to unanticipated circumstances. However, such a process incurs an accumulation of minor imprecisions which unless iterratively corrected can result in large amounts of deviation from the original overall target geometry. Therefore, a feedback system allows each layer to be progressively scanned and updated throughout the fabrication process.

Research conducted at the Univ. of Tokyo - Obuchi Laboratory. Initial Research and Concept Development: Anders Rod and Kevin Klement  Project Team: Deborah Lopez, Hadin Charbel, Kevin Clement, Anders Rod, Jiang Lai, Mika Portugaise, Chen Xiaoke, Ruta Stankeviciute, Hirokazu Tei , Wu Ziyi , Alric Lee, Nathalia Rotelli, Emi Shiraishi , Veronika Smetanina, Tom Moss, Yang Ao, Tyler Mcbeth. Structural Engineering: Jun Sato, Mika Araki , Ying Xu. Video Production: Deborah Lopez & Hadin Charbel. Image Credits: Deborah Lopez & Hadin Charbel

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