Diorama(n)tic is a responsive object/landscape that produces an immersive space in response to the dweller’s emotional state.
Human emotions are as active as they are withdrawn, making the dialogue between the inner self and the exterior world something that is being perpetually stimulated and interacted with. The process in turn affects and influences the behaviors at individual and collective scales. Operating as a predictive processing machine, the body's sensorial and neural mechanisms attempt to interpret surrounding signals by comparing and matching particular situations against past experiences as they unfold in real-time.
If humans are complex processing and emotional beings who enact and engage the physical realm, is it possible for objects and architecture to be imbued with the same kind of agency; able to be interacted with while remaining partially withdrawn?

The project is materialized with three interrelated parts, (in fact, four if and when we count the human) (1) landscape/object, (2) sensors, (3) actuators.

A project developed by Deborah Lopez and Hadin Charbel.
Electronic development by Yimsamer. Cinematographer / Direction by Francisco Lobos
Music: “Church Music”, performed by FreeschaWritten by Nick Huntington & Michael McGroarty
Published by Hawk Arm Music and Sizzlegodlessgod Music
Administered by Kobalt Music Publishing America, Inc
Financial Support: Proyecto financiado por las Ayudas Injuve para la Creación Joven 2017/2018. Image Credits: pareid

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